Recruiting tips:


  • Get Familiar with Eligibility Requirements

The NCAA has stipulations regarding courses, GPA, and athletic performance. Don’t wait too long to understand the requirements. Keep in mind that if you sign a contract with a professional team, you forfeit your college eligibility.


  • Be Proactive

College coaches have limited authorization to communicate with you personally, but you can reach out to them at any time. Create your CSA profile and start contacting coaches today.


  • Perfect Your Skill

Once you’ve gotten your academics in order, you can take the time to sharpen your athletic skills. Take part in activities and workouts that enhance your abilities, challenge yourself in practice, and eat well and exercise all-year around.

Scholarship Info

# of teams # of Varsity Athletes Athletic Scholarships limit per team
NCAA I 70 113 3,137 3,321 12.6 12
NCAA II 64 99 2,407 2,221 10.8 9.9
NCAA III 230 274 7,801 5,626 - -
NAIA 21 23 505 428 - -
NJCAA 32 17 791 291 20 20